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About A.J.

A.J. Yager is an influencer and entrepreneurial doer. He has spent his entire red headed life since the age of 10 building businesses on-line and off-line in 6 completely different industries (magazine publishing, computers, supplements, real estate, agriculture and sports). He most recently started Yager Media Group, llc. a business dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses generate more leads and increase revenues on-line. He also started Gingerpalooza.com a charity event celebrating "Red-Heads" and raising money for Bullying Prevention. In his spare time, A.J. enjoys reading, working out, stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, live music, connecting with amazing people, eating chocolate and developing great ideas. Covering all bases, from business success to technology and health, he is the ultimate, authentic entrepreneurial champion!


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What others are saying about AJ

“A.J. takes into account your situation and experience level with internet marketing and custom tailors a strategy that’s a best fit for you. A.J. helped me produce one online resource based on my passion that – with his help – resulted in $6,125 in gross sales in the first week! Wow! Thanks A.J.!”

“A.J. is one of my most-trusted advisors and a close, personal friend. His entrepreneurial energy, positive attitude, and passion for success are contagious qualities you need to catch.”

“AJ has been a tremendous help to me as I started my first company!  From negotiating with my co-founder, consulting on strategy, and being supportive throughout all the ups and downs. Without his help, I doubt I would have made it as far as I have.

“A.J. Yager embodies the future of business thought leaders. He’s a rare blend of authenticity, integrity, creative thinking and results. Very few people actually care about others success in life as much as A.J. He is definitely one of the priceless few that delivers.

“You meet a lot of people and see a lot of faces that in time you may forget, but A.J. is not one of those people. This is simply because he will make such a contribution to your life that his impact will be unforgettable. He is so driven that he gives no other option but to be driven yourself, to attain the life you deserve and provide you the tools to make it happen. This man has a clear vision and if you have half of a brain, you will allow him to clear up yours. His ability to simplify and get any point across in a way that everyone can understand makes him an invaluable asset to those seeking a high level of success. Do yourself and your entrepreneurial dreams a favor, let A.J. make them a reality.”

“AJ has been a major part of my business and personal winning formula for over 3 years now. As you can imagine there are many cycles one goes through during that time and as my businesses experienced the peaks and valleys. AJ has been there every step of the way partnering with me through every unique challenge co-creating breakthrough after breakthrough. He’s quite literally been the lighthouse that has kept me off the rocks. (AJ has his hands full as I leave the harbor often before checking the weather)”

Extraordinary Results Start Here:

100% Absolute Privacy. I will never spam you.